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Made By Laure

Artisan bespoke products

Made By Laure

Biodynamic Organic Skincare

Each ingredients is a gift from nature

Dr Hauschka Face Skincare

Biodynamic Organic Skincare

Treat your body to the best body care.

Dr Hauschka Body Care

Mojo candles

A stunning collection of natural botanical fragrances. Made with recycled glass and packaging, an elegant vintage glass candle to gift to yourself or loved ones.


Exquisite Face Care

Natural Skincare made in Norfolk


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Blog posts

‘deeply nurtured, fully nourished, revitalised, blissful, divine, the best moment of my month, totally relaxed, transported to others lands, soul tingling…

Jane M

Laure softly tunes in to me, knows exactly what my needs are and uses her sparkly energy to perform her magic with the most divine smelling potions and lotions, all for uplifting my mind body and soul…

Helen D.

Laure is an oasis in the madness of life - a truly exquisite experience.


Laure's scents are dreamy and sensual.


"The feeling of putting on Laure’s cacao oil is reminiscent of the first taste of delicious, melt in the mouth chocolate after a week of a celery juice cleanse. Once the scent hits my nose I’m transported to a warm, cosy, sensual realm that radiates from my nose to my heart to my toes and to my brain. The scent tells my body; “enjoy, now is me time, now is self care time, now is time to be, to indulge, to let go and totally reeeeelaaaaaaax.’ ….."