Summer Radiant Skincare

Summer Skincare with glowing have vibrant skin

Support your skin in the summer-time for radiant and comfortable skin throughout the warmer months.

Here is my selection of products that provides extra care and attention for all your needs this season.

We need the sun!

it is vital for the production of Vitamin D and is equally vital for our spirit. We don’t need to be scared of the sun we just need to understand how and when to protect our skin. Remember, SPF needs to be re-applied often to give you the protection needed if you are using that.

However, over-exposure to the sun is a serious health threat.

Do not take the SPF to its limit, remember your reapplication times.
Up to the age of seven, children are particularly sensitive to the sun while their skin gradually develops thicker, protective skin cells, additional use of protective clothing is essential.

If your skin feels hot or sunburnt, I recommend Dr Hauschka Soothing Mask or rejuvenating mask as a repairing treatment. Or an aloe vera gel if the burn is very severe.

I prefer a hat and a good pair of wrap around sunglasses and say hello to the sun. Chose wisely your time under the sun, and mainly let your heart be filled with laughter and sunshine joy!

Have a great summer and keep sparkling!

 My Precious Facial Concentre / Healing Honey & Camomille Balm

Dr Hauschka Facial Toner & Rose Day Cream Light

Made By Laure Cacao Shimmering Body Oil

All Natural Soap - Citrus Sunshine