About Laure


I am Laure, I work from a wooden cabin called the Sunhouse, by a forest where I offer a variety of "hands on" treatments, these includes Facial and Foot Reflexology, Aromatherapy facial, Dr Hauschka facial and Donna Eden Energy Medicine.

I also love weaving in all the healing tools acquired over the years, incorporating naturopathy, plant medicine, raw chocolate making, the medicine of dance and chi- qong. 

I am inspired by the natural world, and by a way of living that keep us connected to thriving life.

I moved to Wales 20 years ago, and i fell in love with the place! 

However, the path has always been "flowery". Early in my twenties, I held a job as a directorial PA  and french translator for a coal company in Port Talbot! I still think that was a strange move, but it was an eye opener into office life, I felt very stressed and poorly. I soon quitted my career as translator and started studying Complementary therapies. Back to my roots.

I have worked with several well known organic skincare companies over the last twenty years, and this has changed profoundly my approach to skincare.

i love touch, self care massage, pleasure of the senses, and using a cream or oil that has been made in reverence with nature is so wonderful.

I have always returned to Dr Hauschka, in my opinion  this brand is fantastic.  Dr Hauschka Skin Care has been focused on sustainability since it launched in 1967, they were called the rebels of skincare when they first launched. The plant based ingredients are genuinely organic, biodynamic and or wild harvested.

The potency of genuine natural and organic ingredients delivers visibly-effective skin care which supports healthy and radiant skin for all ages.

Why do you want to shop with me?

- support a local business, "Made By Laure" products have been made in small batches often using local ingredients and collaborations. 

-  you will be offered an open-hearted, personal and efficient shopping experience based on 20 years of experience. 

- support a skincare company that prioritises environmental sustainability, fair trade and fair practices and genuine care for their workers.

Do not hesitate to ask me questions, I love connecting and sharing ideas.           My work as a therapist is to honour thriving life and to bring natural beauty in the heart of your well being.

You can find more information about my services at www.sunhouse.wales