Sweet Dreams

Here are 4 of my favourite tools and natural aids to help re-balance your clock and welcome sweet sleep and catch some dreams!

Breathe Autumn in: Tense and relax
Try this relaxation exercise in bed: Squeeze your toes for several seconds, and then relax.
Soften the body in between each breath
Then move through your body tensing and relaxing each body part.

Keep Hydrated throughout the day
The body needs sufficient fluid to find its natural equilibrium.
You can drink warm water with a slice of lemon or ginger, or a rosemary twig to help your circulation. Herb Infused water is so good for you.
Reduce intake of de-hydrating foods, enjoy all the wonderful foods that nature brings this autumn: soups, stews, warm teas and infusions made with spices. 
There are so many sleepy herbal infusion available. I like a variation depending on how i feel, like lavender, valerian, camomille, veirven, ashawanga, and oat milk. 

 If you are awake, get up!

If your mind is busy, take a brisk walk through the house, liberate that stuck energy, dance the shaky ghost inside of you!

Get creative with that extra hour

Morning time is my favourite to meditate, light up a candle , spritz Dream Catcher and do a grateful prayer, make a list for the day, how do you want to feel today?

Before bedtime, invite relaxation into your space with fluffy cushions and soft blankets, spritz Sweet Earth and Breath in slowly, make each droplet count!
Light up a sandalwood candle.

Step into a calming lavender or sage bath, and prepare your skin for the most nourishing nights sleep with the Dr Hauschka serum. 

Dream Catcher and Sweet Earth

I have bottled these mists myself, inspired by the Nature and deep dreaming. 
Calming and grounding made with 100% natural oils, the scent will comfort you.
Spray around your room or into your pillow 10 min before going to bed.

“People in my house are now having restful sleeps after using these pillow mists”

 Dr Hauschka Baths Essence Ritual 

Enjoy a beautiful selection of organic creamy velvety bath, good for your skin and spirit.  Pamper your skin for a soothing nights sleep.

Dr Hauschka Regenerating serum

This serum does exactly what it says on the bottle, made with organic plants extracts, its leaves your skin feels perfectly nourished and cared for. 

 Ethica balms

To massage onto the face or the body, feet or hands, they brighten a dull dry tired skin before bedtime.