Ethica - My Precious Facial Concentrate

Ethica - My Precious Facial Concentrate

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My Precious Facial oil Serum: a delighful blend of twelve organic plants and essential oils to feed and nourish your skin.

Description: easily absorbed, leaves the skin silky and hydrated.  This face oil serum is specially formulated to completely nourish your skin with its complex combination of 100% pure plant oils and essentials. A super intense blend of natures super boosting organic miracle workers are easily and naturally absorbed into your skin. 

30ml glass bottle

To use: after cleansing apply a few drops to the palms of your hands and fingertips and massage gently onto your skin. You will find that the oil serum will absorb quickly and leave no residue. You can follow with moisturiser.

Laure's review:  an amazing complete face serum, can be applied on most skin as a serum (3 to 5 drops ) or to massage gently into the skin with. Can be followed with jade roller for a deeper experience. The scent or neroli is very soothing and works wonders to calm the nervous system. 

30ml recyclable glass bottle

Argan: vitamin & saponin rich argan with anti-ageing properties is anti inflammatory and antioxidant.
Kukui:  packed with vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants. healing and soothing.
Evening primrose:  omega-6 essential fatty acids & GLA, excellent for the treatment of dry skin conditions.
Sweet orange: superbly uplifting, anti inflammatory and toning.
Neroli:  one of the most nurturing essentials, great re generator,emollient and healing.
Rosehip:  anti ageing and vitamin c rich, healing and a great weapon in the anti wrinkle armoury.
Avocado:  vitamins A,B1,B2,B5,lecithin and squalene
Macadamia: total re balancing, moisturising and calming delays premature ageing with palmitoleic fatty acids. phytoestrols to build cellular membrane structure.
Sweet Almond:  soothes irritation, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant rich emollient and immune boosting.
Borage:  superrich in GLA with amazing anti oxidant properties.
Pomegranate:encourages cellular regeneration & repair while reducing signs of ageing.
​Mandarin: improves circulation and skin vibrancy, maintains balance.
paraben.SLS.cruelty free*made using only natural ingredients*