Clean Skincare starts with You


This is your time ūü§é

to create new changing skincare habits to get a better health, to live the best version of yourself :)

You can decrease inflammation in your body, change the responses of your endocrine system, have more energy by using daily organic skincare free from parables and Formaldehyde, the horrible Pfas  and and the list is non stop!

There seems to be a general contentment that what doesnt kill you doesnt harm you. So company feels free to add more and more chemicals to the products you consume in daily basis. But these chemicals do add up, and your body doesn't always understand them and cant detox them out of your body  so easily.

I say it's time to wake up (and smell the roses :)). 

Make a different choice today, that make you feel empowered. 

I chose organic skincare 20 years ago, for myself and to use in treatments, for facials and reflexology.

It was an easy choice for me, i grew up in the countryside and my mum run a garden centre. So i was immersed in nature from young age, and its beauty and healing played a big role in my life.

It was an obvious decision from the start and i set a clear intention to then work with botanics that dont have chemicals that destroy the balance of our living systems (human and nature). That was about 20 years ago.

They dont teach you at the massage school, but the skincare industry is one of the worse for pollution of our sacred earth.

Did you know you get exposed to at least 30 chemicals daily?                               This makes your body more sensitive to chronic imbalances and can create havoc on your endocrine system,  affecting your sleep, your moods, your hormones..etc

What would it be like to have a lifestyle freeform daily chemical exposure from clothes, deodorants, make up, face creams, phones…

Don't get overwhelmed and throw everything, finish what you have and here's some ideas of how to bring in new clean living into your daily life.

What change would you like within your health today?

Is there something you can do, daily to prevent  one more chemical coming into your body? 

Here some ideas...

- get a better toothpaste today, caring for your teeth, or even learn how to make a toothpaste

 - Use a roll on deo with no aluminium now!

- Try an organic day care for your skin.

- Use natural soaps . I came across these a few years ago, people love them, check the ingredients, no palm oils, all natural oils and plant, and they feel and smell good!

What kind of human being could you step into, today?

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